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PROJECT GENRE: Action / Martial Arts


PROJECT SYNOPSIS: Katerina is a young, successful Interpol agent with an impeccable track record. All she cares about in the world is her work, bringing the bad guy in and her dad who suffers from Alzheimer’s but her strict rule book goes out the door when a notorious Russian criminal master mind, Alexei, kills her partner and goes into hiding in a part of the world most countries tend to stay out of. Katerina decides to go rogue and catch her partner’s murderer. With the help of a handsome and well trained ex-Special Forces officer named Marco and his valiant and funny best friend Rafael, Katerina unveils the secrets behind a plot that Alexei has been putting together for years. Katerina sneaks into Cuba to destroy the man who had her ex-partner murdered and has brought harm to many others. She came for revenge and her motives were cold and maniacal. Instead she ends up doing the right thing and discovers feelings she thought she would never have for anyone ever again. As the story of this action packed adventure evolve, our heroin finds that she is also emotionally evolving as a person.