Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy

Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy - A video by Tony Zhou

Jackie Chan is one of our favorite directors.  This little video by Tony Zhou explains why in a very nice short and sweet kind of way.  We are following a lot of these concepts here at our Production Company and work with talented people around the world that get the same "concept" in comparison to the American ways of shooting and editing.

Kung Fu Classics - Source of inspiration for many action enthusiasts and modern film makers.

Kung Fu Movie MasterClass - Kung Fu Classics

Every single one of us action junkies and classic film enthusiasts can probably name several Kung Fu classics that we watch religiously. These films have given us ideas, inspired us and have evolved into our modern day action martial arts style. Here is a great video by BBC2 Fight Night which explores and explains the theory of Kung Fu movie classics.

Spaghetti Western

Some of our fellow film makers in Nevada have come up with this great Spaghetti Western. It is refreshing to see more spaghetti westerns being made and done well. We can not wait to see the whole project. Here is a clever teaser/trailer for "Guanto". Our staff loves the line "shoot in any direction and you will hit a bastard." Our only regret is that we did not get to do the sound / voice over for it :)


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