Fred WolfFred Wolf (McCubbin) - President / Producer / Director
Mr. Fred Wolf (McCubbin), founder and president of HourGlass Eye Productions has vast experience in both the creative and business side of the Entertainment industry.
Fred has experience working for both big media companies in the mid 90's such as Hollywood Star Entertainment and Magnolia Productions as well as comprehensive post production outfits such as Rainbow Sound, Sync Works and Professional EFFX in Burbank, CA.
From the trenches of an executive producer, raising funds for foreign distribution films geared for the AFM; to the exciting work of a line producer, helping organize and put together day to day operations; all the way to post production supervisor, bringing an entire network of post-production talent to ensure the best quality end result; Fred has been there, done that, and therefore speaks the language of almost anyone on a film production team. He loves working on any creative project where his talent and expertise can be challenged and used for inspiring and empowering others. Most of our current pending projects were his ideas and he strives to make certain they all get international attention and appreciation. He has been working in the Industry since 1991 and has supervised more than 1,000 hours of unique programming and movies.

Charlie CrutcherCharlie Crutcher - Senior Consulting Post Production Supervisor
Norval D. “Charlie” Crutcher III M.P.S.E. comes to us with over 25 years’ experience in feature films and television sound editorial. From a family with 3 generations in the industry his own body of work is nothing but prolific.
Crutcher is a multi-award winning supervising sound editor. Winning both an Emmy and 2 Golden Reel Awards, plus numerous nominations for both.
His experience and successful leadership as a hands-on consultant on many projects has produced seamless cost saving results for his clients. His track record of successfully implementing strategic schedules for his projects, along with his long term relationships in the industry allows him to put together a creative team and bring in shows on time and on budget.

Solange SchwalbeSolange Schwalbe - Consulting Post Production Sound Supervisor
Solange has won an Emmy and has also been nominated two times for HBO's "John Adams" in 2008. She has over 150 feature film credits and is a member of AMPAS, ATAS, MPSE and MPEG Local 700. In 1979, she graduated with honors from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Motion Picture/TV. Her career started with features such as "Gremlins," "Goonies," and "The Color Purple." Many of the features Solange has worked on were major productions along with their sequels. For example, "Gremlins I & II," "Die Hard I, II, III," "Lethal Weapon II, III, IV," "Star Trek IV & V," and "Pirates of the Caribbean I."
Solange's has13 years of sound editing on 35mm film, and 17 years on Pro Tools. Her extensive sound editing experience on 35mm film has allowed her to bring her critical ear to the digital media and her vast film experience to the big screen.
Solange has a very versatile background. She has been a Sound Supervisor, Foley Supervisor, ADR Supervisor, Dialogue Editor, FX Editor and Background Editor. Her expertise is in Foley supervision. Her organizational skills and file/folder management creates a very linear workflow for the ADR/Foley stages and dub stages. She is terrific to work with, as many editors and mixers will attest to.

Dean OgdenDeane Ogden - Consulting Snr. Score/Composing Supervisor
Deane Ogden’s compositions for filmed entertainment have included D. Lee Inosanto’s award-winning "The Sensei", the acclaimed documentary "Dreams on Spec", Lionsgate’s "The Way Home" starring Dean Cain, Sony’s "The Hit List" starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Touchstone Pictures blockbuster "Surrogates" starring Bruce Willis and has recently completed "The Final Moments of Karl Brant" starring Paul Ruebens. In addition, Deane scored the preamble to the board game phenomenon [Welcome to] Level 7.
Deane’s composing career in prime time and cable television has included NBC’s Heather Locklear/Blair Underwood drama LAX, ABC Family’s "Exploration with Richard Wiese", the Emmy-nominated "Entertainment Tonight", MTV’s "Made" and "Teenage Mom", amongst others. In 2002, Deane began writing and producing music for ABC Sports’ Emmy Award-winning "Monday Night Football". Deane was commissioned to write the orchestral themes for Michael Phelps’ record-breaking gold medal run during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and invited back to write three original orchestral suites for NBC’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Later that year, Deane’s music was featured in both the 2012 Republican National Convention and 2012 Democratic National Convention telecasts.
With regional community chapters in Hollywood, London, Germany and Japan, SCOREcast services thousands of composers and media music professionals in 34 countries. An editorial staff of working film and television composers have posted more than five hundred video, audio, editorial, tutorial and instructional resources to SCOREcastOnline.com since its launch. The website is also home to the popular SCOREcast podcast show, which Deane created in 2006 and co-hosts monthly with LA-based composer Brian Ralston.
Deane speaks globally to fine arts groups, creative community organizations and legislative entities about the convergence of art and business and how the emerging roles of cloud technologies and social media are changing the landscape of creativity across all disciplines. Deane has previously addressed UNESCO (United Nations), Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), University of Southern California (USC), University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Azuza Pacific University, Modern Drummer Magazine, Behance Network, Royal Academy of Music (London), Université Concordia (Montreal), Kyoto City University of Arts, and Pepperdine University.

Harri HaanpaaHarri Haanpää - Consulting Snr. Director
Harri Haanpää has always been interested in creative activities. He has a passion for drawing and photography. As a young man he wanted to be a commercial illustrator at age 9. After completing his studies in a nautical college at age 15 he came back to the creative world in 1995 when he studied film in a college in Voionmaa. Harri began his career directing music videos in Helsinki, Finland. Hollywood called on him for a TV show called "Hollywood Express" and he returned to Europe after working in the United States for a year and half. He earned a Masters in Multimedia and Audiovisual Business Administration in Athens, Greece where he learned a great deal about Producing as well. In 2000, he went on to set up his own production company, DreamMill, where he directs and produces films, TV shows, commercial films, music videos and mobile TV applications.
Harri is an enthusiastic advocate of education and training. From 2005 to 2006 he took a course of practical training for media entrepreneurs. The MEDA course, co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund, helped him develop his skills and expand. For Harri, the course had direct relevance because he could apply what he was learning instantly to his business model. He is keen to continue with his learning and is looking forward to the next step and obtaining a master’s level degree. His projects take him all over the world and he is a versatile Director/Producer. His motivation to always improve himself and produce note-worthy and excellent work is what makes him a perfect and essential part of the HourGlass Eye Productions team.

Peter LagoPeter Lago - Consulting Post Production Supervisor
Peter Lago is a sound editor and designer with extensive experience in feature, television, documentaries, and new media projects. A staff editor at Burbank-based Monkeyland Audio since 2003, Peter has developed a strong reputation for delivering high quality, well detailed and expressive tracks in a timely and efficient manner. He is passionate about collaborating with clients and about defining the sonic "pulses" of their projects.
Some of Peter's credits include: "The Devil Inside", "Sushi Girl", "Wrong Turn 3", and "The Celestine Prophecy". Nominated six times for a Golden Reel Award, Peter finally won his first one in 2012 for his work on high-octane web series, "Aim High".

Patrick NordquistPatrick Nordquist - Multimedia / Web Supervisor
Patrick Nordquist is a well-rounded young talent at HourGlass Eye team and has proven to be a jack of all trades. His main responsibility is to manage HourGlass Eye's online web resources, in which he has over a decade of experience handling advanced website systems. However, he also has formidable experience in many other multimedia fields. Patrick has been involved in a number of multimedia projects over the years as a photographer, cameraman, audio recorder, graphic artist and film editor.

Isaac JuarezIsaac Juarez - Consulting Lead Sales
Isaac Juarez is a business/sales graduate from Chicago University, along with several years in the sales and service fields. Isaac has a high degree of people skills, customer support and account management. Isaac is a new addition to the HourGlass Eye Productions team and is very eager to lend his talents to finding our next satisfied customer and creating a lasting relationship with them. Isaac also has a great interest in the entertainment and multimedia industries which makes him a perfect fit to help consult for HourGlass Eye Productions.

Leonard KienzleLeonard Kienzle - Writer / Consulting Script Supervisor
Leonard Kienzle wrote and produced the acclaimed and award winning "Brother Matt", which was an official selection of the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films and a Director’s Pick at the Festival of Festivals in Southern California.
He wrote and produced several other short films for the “festival circuit” including "The Poolman", "5 Minutes Alone" and "Mayor". After writing and producing a local TV show and countless TV commercials, Leonard is back in the movie business.
Leonard’s most recent feature film project "The Ranch-Rehab Kills" is currently in pre-production and will be produced in Southern California; it is being marketed for international distribution. He has written several other feature screenplays including "Ramface", optioned by Val Kilmer, "Genesix-The Nephilim", written for Jason Statham and "C.H.A.S.E", a Sylvester Stallone vehicle; all in development along with two other feature screenplays with producers from Millennium Films and Nu Image Entertainment.

team bugsyBugsy - Operations Manager
Whether it is helping with story boarding, daily shots, budgeting, or supervision in the studio while the films are going through the post-production process, ADR, entertaining the crew and talents, scratching, playing with tennis balls or his Kong, Bugsy is THE operations manager and has certainly got it all dialed down. As soon as this beloved rescue kindred soul drops his fear of traveling, we are sure he will soon help with directing and shooting on set as well. There is nothing he can't do. We can't do any of what we do without the creative, positive and loving energy of Bugsy "Two Guns" Malone :)