HourGlass Eye is a leading media company with film (HourGlass Eye Films), television and digital (HourGlass Eye Entertainment) and Production Services (HourGlass Eye Productions) divisions dedicated to producing, owning and bringing interactive content to target audiences with a focus returning fandom demographic. Any company can create and produce projects. HourGlass Eye prides itself on the decades of combined experience of the founders and masters it employs and the way it has quickly established itself as a trusted brand which delivers unique, high-quality, commercial entertainment while using cost-efficient original methods.


HourGlass Eye's mission is to create content that inspires, challenges and empowers audiences through story telling, stunning visual and emotional experiences which will leave a lasting impression with our audience.

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We distinguish ourselves by focusing on creating high quality, exciting entertainment, while keeping our costs down to a minimal, with the help of our leading production and post production experts who consult for us on a regular basis. the era for multi million dollar block buster films are slowly coming to an end, but we are finding ways to keep the quality of our projects as high as before, while introducing lower and more efficient budgets while completing them.




We are artists, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, global cinematographers, editors, directors, stunt coordinators, award winning post production consultants, writers and producers. We strive to make a difference, leave lasting impressions with our audience and produce creative projects we are proud of. We are innovators, out-of-the-box problem solvers and epic story tellers. We are more than just a team, we are family.

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The HourGlass Eye logo is made of two symbols : the ancient Egyptian “All Seeing Eye” which dates back to Circa 5,000 B.C. where it was originally known as the "Eye of Horus" and was called Ujat, meaning "Whole One" but also symbolized the powerful ray of the sun... And the HourGlass Eye is a symbol of how we observe life and how time affects everything therein. Ancient warriors associated it with powerful protection and blessing.